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Our vision is to contribute to the elimination of rape and sexual abuse aginst women, children and men in society by offering support advocacy, information and education in the southland region.

Our mission is to promote the safety and wellbeing of women, children and men through support, education, counselling and advocacy.

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It’s a safe place to be ourselves and find acceptance, compassion and healing among women who understand

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ACC Accredited

ACC Sensitive Claim’s (Integrated Service for Sensitive Claim -  ISSC) findsupport.co.nz is an ACC process where a person who has experienced sexual harm/violence can make an ACC Claim to get treatment around dealing with the experience.  This may involve social work support, counselling or some other form of treatment to help.

Southland Help Rape and Abuse Support Centre is an ACC Supplier, this means that we have a contract with ACC and have Providers (Counsellors and Social Workers) who can work with you.   ACC will cover the costs, if your claim is accepted.

We are happy to help you with the ACC process, just get in touch.