Our counselling is designed to make you feel safe, supported, respected and able to make informed decisions – this is what we mean by empowerment and this is our goal for all the survivors we work with.

*All of our counselling services are offered free of charge.

Counselling at Southland Help includes:
  • We provide face-to-face counselling with experienced counsellors at our Invercargill office.
  • We also provide counselling for family members, partners, spouses or friends of the survivor.
  • We offer ongoing social support in the form of support groups for survivors.
  • Support for a survivor through the process of reporting and prosecution: our Survivor Advocate will act as liaison with various people in the criminal justice system, such as police, medical personnel, court advisors and prosecutors. We offer pre-trial consultation services to help prepare survivors for the rape trial. We also offer support at court throughout this experience.
How Can Counselling Help A Survivor?

We believe that, in order to recover, a rape survivor needs to feel safe and respected; she/he also needs ongoing support and information that allows her/him to make informed choices. Our counsellors bear witness to all the survivor’s experiences and are the survivor’s ally in everything she/he needs to confront along the path to recovery. Counsellors bring the extensive resources of the organisation together to help survivors achieve recovery. 

Our Counsellors

We have a range of counsellors, from various disciplines, who have specialised in trauma recovery. Get to them on our about us page.

Make An Appointment

Southland Help office hours are from 9.00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, and delivered from Level 1, 19 Yarrow Street. 

You are able to call 0274680007 to make a self referral, or request a referral form.

We offer counselling to both men and women. 

Clients are requested to make their own appointments for counselling services.

Want to make an appointment?, just get in touch.